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Domain Investing Playbook -THE D.I.P. now available

Howsit going, Darryl here,

My good friend Alex released his ebook called Domain Investing Playbook -THE D.I.P., he is a beast when it comes to domain sales & you can definitely learn from him, I most certainly have. 

"Learn everything you need to know how to get started investing in Domain names and how you can produce #cashflow every month with little to no capital involved." - Alex Verdea

Domain Investing Playbook -THE D.I.P. includes: 

✅ How to get started investing in domain names

✅ How to pick “niches” to invest in

✅ How to actively or passively produce #cashflow

✅ How to hand register cheap domain names ($7) following my system

✅ How to become a better negotiator and close more deals

✅ Chapter 12 by itself is pure “gold” and a game-changer to get more deals done

✅ How to value and appraise domain names

✅ How to handle objections and close more deals

Highly recommended! 

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